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Woke Culture Doesn’t Teach Anything – Ep. 780

Today’s Topics

Chuck starts us off with a song – Joe Biden strikes again – he called the Republicans demented…pot – kettle. Mark wants to congratulate Chuck for at least singing on key. Biden just keeps putting his foot in his mouth. Is John Lovitz SnL character The Liar…Joe Biden. If you look at the Democrat party, they are DAVOS people – they are Schwab people. Chuck talks a little about Biblical history, a book he is reading by Jonathan Can called The Return of the Gods. It talks about the return of Dark Forces. We are paralleling Israel when it fell away from God and started to follow Baal. The guys chat through a bit about Soloman, and his multitude of wives and concubines. He had to build altars to all these other gods to appease all his consorts.

Mark thinks he needs to self identify as a Black Woman, as reparations are in the millions as far as San Fransisco thinks it should be. The whole city has a budget of 14 million dollars, but the first quarter of this plan will cost 50 Million. What is interesting is that California was never a slave state, nor was San Fransisco. This is not about slavery, it is about systemic racism that was incorporated into the history of this city.

Woke Culture – when we look at the woke culture, think about the solution to problems. One of the big issues is climate change…their solution is to throw paint on Van Gogh artwork…how does this solve anything. It is just an attention grab, that at its root is narcissism. Having a tantrum till someone pays attention, they are acting like children. Who has the cleanest air / who spends the most money battling climate change – that would be US, the USA. Why have we been able to do more than the rest of the world, but how is this possible.


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