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You Were Born for a Time Like This – An Interview with John Schneider – Ep. 661

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck has a hard time deciphering the language used in “rap-speech”…also, Chuck cant not figure out “Biden-Speech”…Biden’s mouth is moving, but Chuck can not understand  know what is coming out. Biden is talking about needing to keep the vaccinated safe from the un-vaccinated. Two things you can count on when you elect Democrats…higher taxes, and a lower standard of living. The middle class gets the inflation, gas, groceries, everywhere while the Left says only The Rich will be paying more taxes.

Sporting events seem to have turned on the President, with rampant “F-Biden” chants being heard across multiple games. On to Afghanistan…a 5 year old would know you get your civilians out BEFORE you get the military and defense forces out. But Biden was looking for an “moment” where he could say that we did it. That on the anniversary of 9/11 Joe could have a speech saying how awesome he was. But after the failure of Biden’s exodus from Afghanistan, the main stream media is now re-focused on Trump and how it is all his fault. But we do know this, Biden has yet to make a single mistake in his presidency (according to him).

We welcome in John Schneider who jumps right in to the issues we as a country face with the current administration. John goes into some detail on the California recall of Gavin Newsom. There are multiple reports of people who have NOT voted, being told by polling stations that they have already voted. John is 61 years old, and says we have lived through several decades where complacency was ok, but this is NOT the case now. We need to explain to people who are too busy, that everything their forefathers died for, is at stake…right now….today. For such a time like this…you were born…do NOT be inactive.


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