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Arguments from Both Sides of the MAGA Hat -– an Interview with Gerald Palmer – Episode 408

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark welcome Reverend Gerald Palmer. Rev. Palmer is a Licensed and Ordained Minister, social worker, educator, and social activist. He brings a different perspective that challenges Chuck and Mark’s viewpoints.

Chuck and Mark start off by finding out more about Rev. Palmer’s beliefs, and why he believes the red MAGA hats can cause some groups of people to question the message. They discuss the views of President Trump by both sides of the political spectrum and where they stem from. Their discussion has some tense moments as they discuss racism and issues we have today.

They continue by finding out some of the reasons that Rev. Palmer is not a supporter of President Trump. They discuss these issues and explain their differing viewpoints. Chuck and Mark find out about some of the individuals that Rev. Palmer admires and why those people stand out to him.

As they finish up today’s show, they discuss the so-called switch of parties and the passing of civil rights laws. They discuss the issues with the slow process of civil rights laws that continue today. Rev. Palmer explains issues that he has experienced with race today. They discuss privilege for all races and how people are judged on things they have no control over.

More about Rev. Gerald Palmer:

A Dedicated Husband, Father, Licensed and Ordained Minister, Social Worker, Educator, Life Coach, Mentor, Social Activist, and Proud Progressive with a vast background in social service, spirituality, addressing social and multi-cultural issues and LGBT awareness, Rev. Palmer uses transparency and humor to address overcoming child abuse, mental illness, racism and other social issues that impact the lives of many Americans.

Connect with Rev. Gerald Palmer:


Twitter: @RevGeraldPalmer


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