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Democrats: The Party of Hypocrisy, Elitism and Deception – Episode 387

Chuck and Mark have a long list of topics to discuss on today’s show. Chuck starts off by telling a story about how President Trump purchased Mar-a-Lago and had to battle with the Palm Beach elites that pushed back on his every move. Chuck explains how it was no different than what President Trump is dealing with in Washington and being an outsider.

They continue to discuss the liberal media’s comment of “the only good Republican is a dead Republican.” They talk about how the media completely changes their thoughts on Republicans when they pass away to look compassionate.

Also, they talk about Bernie Sanders’s hypocrisy of using a private jet while he is ranting about global warming. Chuck and Mark also touch on the “green” technology and how they do not consider the future problems this technology will create.

Chuck and Mark continue to discuss Mueller’s investigation and the case referred to the DOJ for criminal activity against the Podesta’s and a Clinton Lawyer. Mark explains why President Trump – or any past president or family member – will never see time in prison. Chuck explains why Mueller’s investigation is just a diversion and a political witch hunt.

They explore what “voter harvesting” is and how California’s voting laws allow for Democrats to flip an election after the polls close. This moves into the prison reform bill that has lost support from Democrats looking to use it as a running point for the 2020 Presidential Election.

They finish up today’s show by discussing Harvard’s attack on men and masculinity by trying to ban single sex fraternities. Chuck and Mark discuss the sanctions placed on students that remain part of a fraternity and how some fraternities have been exempt from this rule.

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