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Education Based on Founding Principles – an Interview with Adam Carrington – Episode 323

Adam Carrington is an Assistant Professor of Politics at Hillsdale College on the podcast to talk about how the left has significantly impacted most university culture, though Hillsdale has kept its Christian, conservative principles. They also talk about how a large gap has formed between the left and right, where even Republicans have broken away so far from Conservatives.

They discuss the 2nd Amendment and some gun laws in place currently. They also consider what is reasonable for gun regulation and who should be allowed to make these rules. The left has taken the issue and made it about fear-mongering and total control, going to extremes.

They cover the 9th Circuit Court, which doesn’t seem to recognize a separation of judicial and legislative powers.

Also on the podcast, Chuck and Mark talk about Mueller wanting to interview President Trump, the military being posted at the U.S.-Mexico border and how Trump might build the wall.

About the guest:

I discovered my love of politics when I realized that I love learning about how human beings can and should live together in political communities. From this interest, I found enjoyment in reading and considering the great works of Western civilization that discuss the meaning of justice, law, institutions and the ordering of human life by these ideas.

The purpose of higher education is to cultivate human beings and citizens, which it does by cultivating in students the desire and capacity to contemplate both their humanity and their citizenship. My teaching method focuses on conversations about important texts of political thought, predominately within the history of political philosophy, Constitutional law, and American political thought. This focus allows students to encounter great thinkers and ideas directly and to interact with them and with one another. We seek to understand the authors as they understood themselves and then engage them in a respectful but analytical fashion.

I love to teach, but I especially love teaching at Hillsdale, which I have done since 2014. The students here are thoughtful, hard-working, and possess a generosity of spirit that makes them a joy to interact with.

Hillsdale’s politics degree offers the chance to converse with Aristotle, Locke, the American founders, Lincoln, and many more of the great political thinkers and statesmen of the past. A focus on these areas is rare in today’s higher education, yet it is vital, and it is what we strive for here.

In my free time, I engage in scholarly research and writing, spend time with my wife, Emily, as well as friends and family, and watch copious amounts of sports—namely Baylor and Ohio State University college basketball and football, as well as my beloved Cincinnati Reds.

Follow Adam on Twitter @carringtonam.



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