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Going Inside the FBI – an Interview with Jeff Danik – Episode 309

Jeff Danik was a seasoned Special Agent with the FBI, on the podcast to discuss the realities of the organization now. Danik talks about his time in the FBI, addressing some of the politics of getting certain positions in the Bureau. He explains why there are essentially two Federal Bureaus of Investigation, with a huge force of hardworking agents and a smaller group just trying to gain status.

They talk about the failure in the organization surrounding the Parkland, Florida, shooting incident, and Danik explains what should have happened and could have been done to prevent the tragedy.

They discuss the FISA memo and the transparency issues that happen regularly at the Bureau, as well as the taboo of starting an investigation in the DOJ that might affect an election – like Comey did. He considers how frightening it is that a very small group of powerful, appointed people in the government can wreak such havoc if so determined, and what we need to clean up the mess.

Danik sheds some light on the day-to-day practices of the Bureau in terms of diversity and sensitivity training, including the exclusion of Christian groups in the process.

About the guest:

Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jeff Danik retired after a diverse, twenty-eight-year career with the FBI. His assignments included, as a Supervisor and Acting Watch Commander in the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Division, lengthy tours as the FBI representative to Saudi Arabia and in the Horn of Africa, as well as a two-year assignment as the FBI representative to Kuwait. He holds the unique distinction of serving as an Acting Assistant Agent-in-Charge of both a violent crime and a white-collar crime branch of a major FBI field office.

Danik supervised highly successful FBI task force operations in both white-collar crime and violent crime programs. In his final assignment, he had numerous police officers and detectives assigned to him as Task Force Officers. His Task Forces became models recognized by FBI leadership as best practices to be implemented elsewhere in the FBI.

He served as a long-time FBI street agent in south Florida and was the lead investigator in kidnapping and bank robbery investigations. Being a former Certified Public Accountant, Danik has an extensive, successful track record of significant federal investigations into stock fraud, public corruption, money laundering, healthcare fraud, government procurement fraud, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and financial institution fraud. He has been named an Outstanding Investigator of the Year on several occasions by the United States Attorney’s Office.


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