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Leaving Progressivism Behind – an Interview with Dave Rubin – Episode 325

Dave Rubin is a comedian and talk show host from The Rubin Report. Rubin has been on the left his whole life, though he has transitioned to more conservative thinking. He identifies as a classical Liberal who does not believe in a bigger government. On the podcast, they discuss what has shifted his views and consider the distinctions between classical liberalism and progressivism. They talk about politicians who run on the platform of reducing government but cannot be trusted to cut back when they’re actually elected into it.

As Dave started in comedy, they explore the state of comedy these days, where so many use their platform to push Progressive ideals. They discuss the divisions between Left and Right in terms of how they communicate, how they view victimhood and who they align themselves with.

Also on the podcast, Chuck and Mark talk about James Comey being in the news all of the time, as well as the Left going after the First Amendment by Senators trying to control what news broadcasters can report through the FCC.

About the guest:

Dave Rubin is a talk show host, comedian, and TV personality. He is the host of The Rubin Report, a talk show about big ideas and free speech, heralded for it’s politically incorrect and honest approach to discussing complex issues and current events. The show has garnered a huge fan base from across the world, by having honest conversations about important issues in a thoughtful and candid manner rarely seen in mainstream media. The show is a top political YouTube channel and leading political podcast on iTunes.

In addition to his show, which has featured guests ranging from Richard Dawkins, Bob Saget, Ben Shapiro, and Roseanne Barr – Rubin started his career as a stand-up comedian in 1998 and still performs around the country highlighting our increasingly polarized political landscape.

Rubin was born in Brooklyn, raised in Syosset, Long Island and went to Binghampton University. He now resides in Los Angeles.

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