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Don’t Talk About the Parkland Students, Talk About Who’s Behind Them

Back in February, I wrote a blog post, “Don’t Attack Lefty Human Shields.”

Remember Sandra Fluke?

The Democrats brought her in to undermine religious freedom with a ridiculous story about being unable to afford birth control. They brought her in because she was an earnest, young woman. And a human shield. Republicans should have ignored her. Instead they attacked her. And that made her a celebrity and a victim.

Most importantly, the left got to shift the conversation from the religious freedom of nuns to whether the right hates female sexuality. That’s exactly the conversation it wanted to have.

President Trump brought a lot of guests to the State of the Union. Democrats didn’t attack them. They ignored them.

And when it came to Parkland, I wrote, “the smart way is to go after the men behind the curtain, not the teens in front of it.”

We know that March for Our Lives is run by adults. The average age of adult March attendees is 49. The Parkland teens are there as political human shields. They want you to attack them.

What they don’t want to do is…

1. Have a conversation about the adults behind the curtain

2. Talk about the armed guards that the adult celebrities funding this media circus have

3. Discuss where all the money is coming from and where it’s going to

4. Polls showing that young people are actually less on board with gun bans than older voters


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