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Brannon Prophesies A Populist Age. Is He Right?

In a Munk debate on November 2, 2018, Steve Bannon squared off against David Frum on the question of The Rise of Populism. Bannon argued that the permanent political class brought the country to its knees in the Crash of 2008, and that “the party of Davos bailed themselves out, afraid of some sort of deflationary death spiral” on the backs of ordinary workers and savers. The future, he said, is either populist nationalism or populist socialism.

He told the Canadian squishes that “Trump’s economic nationalism doesn’t care about your race, your religion, your ethnicity, your color,” and they laughed at him.

We are at the beginning of a new political revolution, and that is populism. The only question before us: is it going to be a populist nationalism that believes in capitalism, and deconstructing the administrative state, and giving the little guy a piece of the action, and break up this crony capitalism of big corporations and big government, or it is going to be a Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders type of populist socialism (starts at 18:45)

Of course, that went nowhere with his audience because they were all educated-class Canadian […]


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