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California’s Budget Doubled in 8 Years to $215 Billion

“The budget deal will maintain the state’s ongoing commitment to fiscal prudence,” Senator Holly Mitchell, who heads California’s budget deal committee, said of its $215 billion budget.

The Democrat official also falsely described the state’s highest budget in history as “responsible”.

Responsible in California on budgetary matters is graded on a curve the size of the planet. This is a state whose senate passed a socialized medicine bill with no way to pay for its estimated $400 billion cost.

A mere $215 billion budget is as prudent and responsible as California Democrats ever get.

California’s corrupt one-party state didn’t just pass a state budget on a party line vote. This was a national budget. Mexico’s socialists unveiled a $289 billion budget last year. A sizable part of Mexico does live in California, but Mexico still has a population of 130 million people to California’s 40 million.

At $215 billion, that’s over $5,000 in spending for every single person stuck in the state.

Democrats are obsessed with the Russian threat these days. California’s budget is six times higher than Russia’s defense budget. If California Dems just got their spending under control, they could afford to defy President Trump with their own tanks, aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons.

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