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CNN’s Ana Navarro refuses to believe 2 polls showing 34% of blacks approve of President Trump

Yesterday’s news that two different respected  polls are showing 34% of African-Americans approving of President Trump is such bad news for Trump-haters that some refuse to believe it. Among those who presume to speak for African Americans is “proud Nicaraguan-AMERICAN” Ana Navarro, a CNN contributor who is nominally a Republican (she supported Jeb! in 2016), but who announced that she voted for Democrats for president and governor of Florida because of her hatred for President Trump.

The level of sneering and denigration of widely admired figures including Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke, and Diamond & Silk is mean-spirited and classist. Naturally, this led to anger and charges of racism:

If this level of approval for President Trump continues among African-Americans, and if it translates into voting at even half the level of 34%, it will shake up a lot of Democrats (and Trump-haters) who take for granted the 90%+ support blacks traditionally have provided for the last few decades. Right now, denial may be the most secure-feeling option, but that attitude sacrifices realism (and the opportunity to take countermeasures) for psychological comfort.

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