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Elections’ Voter Registration System and the Russian Investor

Remember the outrage when sites all over the Internet published items that Soros owned the voting machines? Remember that same outrage when Soros invested heavily in the states’ secretaries that were responsible for the respective elections process?

Remember the outrage that a Russian investor was able to buy American uranium in a deal concocted by Hillary? We learned then about the Committee for United States Foreign Investment.

Remember the outrage when Obama deferred the ‘red-line’ chemical weapons removal in Syria to Moscow that killed thousands? Anyone remember the anger when Russia shot down MH17, a civilian airliner, killing everyone on board?

Remember that we have lost regard for the top ranks of the FBI due to the Russian investigation and the Hillary investigation?

Remember the horror and vote rigging reported across various states in the recent elections?

Our votes are the most sacrosanct privilege Americans have. Okay, so how about the very under-reported matter in Maryland?

See, it was not until AFTER the Justice Department announced the indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers for computer hacking that Maryland officials reached out to Rod Rosenstein. FBI officials in the Maryland office held a briefing with the Maryland officials and did not want to make the information public… that is due to a wider investigation on the matter. What matter is that?


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