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‘Gagging’ and ‘dry-heaving’: The left’s love affair with public transit collides headlong into its homeless problem in Seattle

It’s well-known that the left is all-in for forcing the public out of their cars and into public transit.

Green New Deal co-author Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, is a big champion of public transit and calls for greater investment and spending on it to get the public to ride it, though in New York, she’s taken flak for not doing it. She didn’t mean herself.

Well, now we come to the reality of public transit, in ultra-blue Seattle, home to one of the nation’s largest homeless communities. Jason Rantz at conservative 770 KTTH radio writes what it’s like, quoting an actual complaint:

Every morning, I get off the bus at this stop to a line of tents and horrible smells. Other than the space the tents occupy on the sidewalk, I’ve actually never been bothered by the people. What kills me beyond anything I would have imagined however, is the smell.

Behind the tents is a sitting pool of water filled with garbage and most likely human waste. It has always bothered me, but upon getting off the bus one morning, I immediately began dry-heaving and gagging, […]

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