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Hamas Pays $500 for “Severe Injuries” to Anti-Israel Rioters

This isn’t a first.

Hamas was caught paying Temple Mount rioters to attack Israelis.

Toameh revealed that Hamas works with the Islamic Movement (an Israeli organization that promotes Islam among Israel’s Arab citizens) to keep Jews from entering the Temple Mount compound, by retaining a group of young men to harass and throw stones at Jewish visitors. These men, who ostensibly are studying Islamic theology at the site, are paid a monthly salary of NIS 4,000 to NIS 5000 ($1,150-$1,440) for their activities, the Shin Bet said.

$1,440 isn’t bad for part time work considering that average income for Israeli Arabs is $2,185, though Christian Arabs tend to skew the average higher. And Islamic theology students don’t have a lot of career options.

The Islamic Movement is better known as the Muslim Brotherhood. As is Hamas. They’re both Brotherhood.

The current pay scale for Gaza border riots appears to be lower than riots on the Temple Mount. It might just be a supply and demand issue. Hamas has made life so miserable for those Muslim settlers under its rule that they’re willing to accept much less money.

$500 for severe injuries and $3,000 for death is on the cheap side. It’s unclear if this would be supplemented by the usual Palestinian Authority salaries which are much more generous, at least in case of death, but the PA is funded by the US, the EU and Japan. While Hamas is backed by Iran and Qatar. And I guess American taxpayers still have deeper pockets than Qatar and the IRGC.

There’s a human rights crisis here. It comes from “human rights” activists and the media rewarding Hamas for actively financing the riots. And incentivizing injuries..



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