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Joe Biden, the mean old man the media won’t tell you about

In the past, being labeled as “mean” or harsh or heartless, even if one was just ironic and witty, as Bob Dole was, was political death.  Nixon suffered under this standard, and so did John McCain (before his tiffs with Donald Trump).  You always wanted to be the baby-smoocher.  Anything else was political death.

But somehow Joe Biden has avoided this fate, based on a fawning press that acts as his filters, echo-chambering his phony pitch to voters as being the candidate of “civility,” “decency,” and “dignity.”

Fact is, Biden is pretty mean and cranky, with a special contempt for the little guy.  His handlers market him as nicer than President Trump, but hard examples show the exact opposite.

Biden can’t get near a voter without getting into some kind of political fight.  And it’s not a cute sort of pugnacity we are talking about here, it’s a stone-cold meanness and contempt for ordinary people with a common denominator of elitist entitlement.

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