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Kamala Harris: NRA “Grabbed People by Different Parts of their Body”

I know Senator Kamala Harris (D – One Party State) wants to be the new Obama, but she sounds more like Joe Biden.

I don’t know how to explain this rant. Is she drunk? Was she trying to sound edgy before backing off?

You decide.

“In this discussion when we are talking about school safety, there are things we need to address that include thinking about why this is an issue.”

That sentence is gibberish. It’s what a stupid person thinks smart people sound like. It’s a word salad.

But it’s also the most coherent thing Kamala Harris has to say on this issue.

“Let’s talk about how the NRA has grabbed people by different parts of their body and caused people to have a lack of courage. Again, another false choice.”

Potato island lamppost. Lamppost!

That was supposed to be a Trump callback, then it turned into awkward gibberish.

 I’m in favor of the Second Amendment, and I also want smart gun safety laws. Assault weapons should not be walking the streets of a civilized country.

I agree.

We need laws to stop Amazon from building sentient, walking assault weapon robots. Self-driving cars are bad enough. Self-walking assault weapons are a real threat.

We have got a good list of tragedies. So it’s not like we are waiting for the tragedy to act. We have that. We are not waiting for good ideas. The good ideas have been had—universal background check—we need an assault weapons ban.

We have a list of tragedies. Binders full of them.

How did that ban work out last time? What did it accomplish?

But we have lots of good ideas. Like banning self-driving assault rifles that grab people by their body parts. If it only saves one brain, we must act.

“The missing ingredient to get something done is for Congress to act, bottom line”.

There’s definitely a missing ingredient.

I can’t believe this talented and brilliant legislator failed her bar exam. It’s incomprehensible. I haven’t seen deft wordplay like this since Michael Moore fell down the stairs.



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