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Kasich, Bernie or Waters: Who Will Be The New Millennial Idol?

John Kasich, a political candidate who has literally dozens of supporters, has a great plan to run and lose miserably in 2020.

Kasich loves the millennials, a term he uses liberally, seemingly to describe anyone under the age of 40.

That puts him ahead of Maxine Waters who claimed to be a millennial.

“Our millennials are a force. I recognize it. And I was a millennial once,” she said. “No longer of course, but I love what you’re doing.”

She concluded her speech saying, “Stay woke!”

Kasich is woke! He listens to Justin Bieber.

Kasich’s new conversation pieces range from HQ, the mobile trivia game, to YouTube celebrity Logan Paul (who entered the wider public consciousness after he filmed a video inside a Japanese “suicide forest”). He also wants you to know he listens to Justin Bieber, dropping the pop star’s name too often for it to be a coincidence.

Also he’s on Friendster.

“This social media is really fascinating to me, whether it’s YouTube, whether it’s some sort of YouTube channel, I don’t know,” Kasich said as he promised to step up his Twitter game. “I have a million Twitter followers, which I think is really cool.”

This social media is the bomb, fellow kids. I think it’s the future. Like plastic.

“You know, age is actually a number, and it’s a state of mind,” Kasich said. “Because I happen to like popular music, people think, Well, that’s because of your daughters. That’s not true. The reason why I do certain things is I have a young mind, and my mind is always working and finding new things to talk about and think about and explore, and that’s how you stay young.”

We haven’t heard deep thoughts like this from a politician since Jerry Brown or Jimmy Carter. If Kasich really wants that millennial vote, he should switch parties and give Auntie Maxine and Bernie a run for their money. May the shameless hack who eats the most tide pods win.



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