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Michael Moore belly-flopping at the box office

Are the good times over for Michael Moore?  Have the ticket-buyers finally sickened of the director of Sicko?  Sure looks that way, based on what Variety is reporting.

The films of Michael Moore have been faltering at the box office for several years now.  This weekend, though, the lackluster performance of his latest truth-to-power opus, “Fahrenheit 11/9,” was notably dramatic, if not downright stark.

Moore made more than $100 million for his Fahrenheit 9/11 ten years ago.  Today, he’s making only a tenth of that for his same-old, same-old left-wing tropism.

Apparently, he isn’t saying anything new, and even the lefties have abandoned him.

That was evident enough in the failed film festival he put on in Traverse City, Michigan late last summer.  Moore was roundly criticized for failing to pay the tradesmen and then boorishly insulting them for their hard work, something that disgusted even the lefty press, such as the Daily Beast.

His failing film ventures raise the possibility that it wasn’t just pure meanness, let alone Moore’s questionable claim of poor service that was driving this – he’s probably running out of money.  Neither his film festival nor his actual films are generating any success.

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