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New York City adds 4,000 to its Wuhan virus dead by recategorizing deaths

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio abruptly added 4,000 deaths to the city’s roster of Wuhan virus deaths. He did this even though there are no tests proving that these 4,000 people died because of the virus. The mayor claims he made the change to increase statistical accuracy, but he may have been acting upon baser motives.

One problem with getting a handle on the Wuhan virus is that we have no accurate count telling how many people have become sick with or died from it, whether at home or abroad. Different countries use different tests; different tests have various rates of fake results, both positive and negative; and not everyone is or can be tested. Moreover, in different places, people are classified as Wuhan virus deaths if they tested positive for the virus regardless of what killed them.

We know that there may be people who have the virus but don’t know it, people who are sick with something that may or may not be the virus, and people who die from causes that can be attributed to the virus, although without any real certainty. […]

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