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Obamacare Appears To Be Making The Opioid Crisis Much Worse

This report will almost certainly be ignored by the media and political establishment. As far as they are all concerned, the opioid crisis is primarily killing off Trump supporters — 33,000 dead is not a crisis, it is mission accomplished.

Americans dying from opioid overdoses hit a record 33,000 in 2015 and Jeffrey A. Singer of Real Clear Politics believes Obamacare might help to explain this horrifying increase.

Singer goes into great detail to back up his theory (please read his full piece) but here are the Cliff’s Notes. Because Obamacare now forces insurers to cover everything, even services people don’t need (for instance, why is a single man or 50 year-old woman forced to pay for pre-natal care?), the cost of premiums, as we all know, are skyrocketing. In order to keep premium costs down, insurance providers are trying to cut costs, and one of the quickest ways to cut costs is through prescription drugs.

Some painkillers are extremely expensive. But so are the drugs used to help patients wean themselves off of painkillers, which can produce terrible side effects even if the patient is not abusing the drugs and has only used them appropriately as prescribed.

The net result of insurers seeking to limit both painkillers and the drugs that cure opioid addiction, is an increase in people seeking opioids through illegal means, on the street for instance. And unfortunately, heroin is one the cheapest and easiest illegal drugs to obtain. Singer, who believes a perfect storm has resulted from the opioid crisis mixed with Obamacare’s mandates, writes:

The latest report from the CDC shows prescriptions of opioids over the past few years are steadily coming down. But opioid overdose deaths continue to rise, and heroin is replacing prescription opioids as the major culprit.

There is growing evidence that, as doctors curtail their opioid prescriptions for genuine pain patients, many in desperation seek relief in the illegal market, exposing them to adulterated opioids as well as heroin.

Boiled down even further, the primary problem with Obamacare, and pretty much every social policy that comes from the federal government, is a one-size-fits-all mentality forced upon a country filled with nearly 350 million people, each of them unique in good ways and bad, each of them needing access to the kind of health care and coverage that best suits their own personal needs.

A free market can and will find a way to service everyone at a reasonable price. That is the genius of free markets, which can be fluid and flexible. That is why even poor people today own air conditioners, flat screen televisions and a growing obesity problem. The federal government is the exact opposite of dynamic, which is tolerable when it comes to some things, but deadly when it comes to your personal health.

How absurd is it that a 45-year-old man is forced by his government to pay for pre-natal care but cannot get the painkillers he so desperately needs?

I have written at length about how these inane drug policies, about how this inhuman one-size-fits-all social engineering, has impacted my own life. Let me tell you — chronic, debilitating, 24/7 pain is a very real thing, and when your loved one is suffering needlessly because of heartless bureaucrats and their heartless bureaucracy, there is nothing you consider out of bounds to bring that loved one some relief.

Worse still, Singer’s piece will almost certainly be ignored by the media, educators, and the political establishment. As far as they are all concerned, the opioid crisis is primarily killing off Trump supporters. In their twisted minds, 33,000 dead is not a crisis, it is a good start; it is mission accomplished.

(First reported by The Daily Wire)   (August 22, 2017)

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