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Questions the press just won’t ask Joe Biden

During this election cycle, there are thousands of questions Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should be asked in order for the public to make an informed decision.  Sadly, most journalists are so busy campaigning for Democrats and trashing President Trump that they don’t care.  All they care about is power for the radical leftists in their effort to remake or destroy America.

Here is a sample of questions that should be asked:

Why is Pelosi holding up aid to the unemployed, the poor, and the middle class while seeking to give the rich a huge tax break with unlimited deductions for state and local taxes?

Didn’t the Democrats continually lie to get the Affordable Care Act passed?  Why did they tell the public that they could keep their doctor and keep their plan, that their premiums would go down substantially, and that the deficit would be reduced when those were known lies?

Didn’t premiums and out-of-pocket expenses skyrocket under the ACA?  Didn’t people delay critical care based on these same soaring costs?  Didn’t they stabilize after Trump got rid of the individual mandate and gave people back the freedom of choice?

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