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Rich New York City liberals don’t want their kids to integrate

A stress test is common in engineering.  It is done by applying a measured amount of force to the item in question to see if it is still able to meet specification.  In the wider world, stress tests can be done just by observing how people or organizations hold up when some kind of stress comes their way.  Are they robust and as strong as advertised?  Or are they flawed and merely putting up a front and apt to collapse at the onset of some trouble or setback?  In the verbiage of the street, can they walk the walk that matches their talk?

A sociological stress test of sorts is playing out on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  It seems the wealthy liberals there don’t want their children to integrate with people of color.

Here’s what’s going on.  As you can imagine, decent public schools in New York City are rare, and exceptional schools are the rarest of all.  Not surprisingly, the best schools – public schools, that is – are almost always found in affluent neighborhoods, like the Upper West Side.

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