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The Democrat candidates live in Never-Neverland

As the Democrats’ debate waged on and on and on last night, one thing became crystal-clear: these Democrat candidates live by a set of alternative facts of their own invention that have no relation to reality.  They want to re-litigate the Vietnam War and the Iraq War, and they seem to think President Trump has delivered us into a war with Iran when the opposite is true.

They all keep asserting that Trump has no strategy!  Of course he does, and anyone paying attention knows what it is.  America first!  Go ahead, be a dictator, but don’t hurt a hair on an American’s head.  Or else.  He’s no warmonger; he’s brought Iran to its knees, exposed the mullahs as the weaklings they are and who are hanging on to power by a thread.  The Iranian people loathe them and want relief from their oppression.  Trump’s tweet of support to them in Farsi was the most retweeted Farsi tweet in Twitter history!  What does that tell us?  That Trump has the pulse of the oppressed around the world, and they know it.  They love him for his recognition and support.

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