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The Dems are doomed

After nearly three years since Trump’s inauguration, Democrats have finally mustered up the courage to go full throttle into impeachment mode, proceeding from the president’s whistleblower-stricken phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.  Zelensky stated at a press conference with Trump that when in talks with the president over Hunter and Joe Biden’s Ukrainian scandal, he felt no pressure as it relates to United States aid to Ukraine.

Despite this overwhelmingly important factor, Democrats are proceeding full force with impeachment — and it couldn’t be better for the president.  If the economy didn’t seal it for the “on the fence” soccer moms, the humiliation of Democrats cannibalizing themselves with impeachment would flip voters like clockwork.  Moving forward with impeachment will only guarantee Trump a victory in 2020 while inflicting severe, long-lasting damage to the Democratic Party — especially Joe Biden.

The televised statement from Volodymyr  […]

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