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The Extremely Dubious UN Genocide Report on Myanmar

The UN report accusing Myanmar of genocide over its attempts to defend its Buddhist and Hindu population against Islamic violence is out. Its conclusions are as unsurprising as its methodology is dubious. The report was instigated by the UN Human Rights Council, an organization stacked with tyrannies, particularly Islamic ones. Current members include Islamist regimes like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Allies of the Rohingya Muslim colonists are prevalent. Buddhist and Hindu countries are underrepresented.

The report’s methodology is quite scanty. The UN mission never actually made it into Myanmar. It claims to have “interviewed 875 witnesses who had fled the country”. But while the report draws all sorts of conclusions and makes all sorts of accusations about the government, it’s unclear if anyone in a position to know about government actions was actually interviewed, as opposed to the Muslim insurgent population.

There is little mention of Muslim violence and that is left mostly vague. For example, the UN report states, ” Other abuses allegedly perpetrated by ARSA, including several incidents where Rakhine and members of other ethnic groups, including the Mro, were killed, require further investigation, as does the killing of up to 100 Hindu men and women from Kha Maung Seik. The Mission’s primary source information on the latter incident corroborates the killing, but is inconclusive as to the perpetrator. Other militant or criminal groups were also active in the region and may also have been responsible for abuses.”

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