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The Lying Media Never Stops Lying About Israel

There are no new lies. Only old lies that the media hopes that everyone forgot about.

In the spring of ’02, Muslim terrorists had very special plans for Passover. In Israel, a Hamas suicide bomber blew up at a Passover seder in the Park Hotel killing 30 people and wounding 140 others. Many of the dead were in their seventies and eighties. Some were Holocaust survivors. The oldest was a 90-year-old woman. Four days later, another Hamas suicide bomber hit a restaurant killing 15 people and wounding another 40. In both attacks, entire families died together. Two were completely wiped out.

These were two of four terrorist attacks that hit Israeli cafes and restaurants in that month alone.

Israel fought back by launching Operation Defensive Shield. One of its targets was Jenin, an encampment that the terrorists behind some of the deadliest attacks had been using as their base. Israel warned the civilian population to evacuate and then its soldiers began the dangerous business of clearing a territory that had been heavily mined and filled with deadly traps by Islamic terrorists.

The fighting was hard and bloody. Israel lost 23 soldiers and there were 52 dead on the other side. Only 14 of them were civilians. The rest were terrorists. Of course that’s not the story that the media told.

Instead the media claimed that there had been a “massacre”, an “atrocity” and “genocide” in Jenin. It claimed that Israel had killed 500 Palestinians and buried bodies in mass graves with bulldozers. The lie eventually fell apart. By the summer, even the UN had concluded that there was no massacre.

But by then it really didn’t matter.

What most people remembered were the lurid media allegations of Israeli atrocities, not the reports carefully disproving them. The blood libels depicting Israelis as murdering children, the disabled and the elderly did their work. The media moved on, the lies did their damage and the fake news cycle went on.

The “Jenin massacre” consisted of 38 armed men and 14 civilians. The death toll in the latest Hamas violence in Gaza was 60 dead, 50 of them were Hamas members and 3 others were in Islamic Jihad.

The numbers are so similar because the same thing keeps happening again and again.

This March, tens of thousands of Hamas supporters swarmed the Gaza border (sound familiar?). The thugs threw rocks and firebombs while the terrorists using them as cover shot at Israeli forces.

10 out of 15 of the dead were members of terrorist groups.

But that didn’t stop all the usual suspects from condemning Israel and lying about the death toll.

The same thing has been happening for decades. Islamic terrorists attack Israel. Israel fights back. The terrorists and their allies put out a wildly inflated death toll. The media uncritically repeats their propaganda and accuses Israel of a massacre. The claims are bolstered by fake photos and videos.

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