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The power of the red hat

Cocklaphobia is the irrational fear of hats.  That word tickles me and,  I just couldn’t resist commenting when I read about the uber-snowflake who claimed to be triggered by MAGA hats.  Rebecca Makkai is, indeed, a Pulitzer Prize-winning short story writer whom even I, a certified knuckle dragging conservative NRA member, have heard of.

Looking at the breadth of Makkai’s writings, she seems to be in touch with many things, excepting her own emotions.  All of us are afraid of something.  Some people don’t like large hairy spiders.  Others aren’t particularly fond of komodo dragons.  But to be triggered by a red hat seems a bit much.

Maybe the red hat reminds her that the whole world does not subscribe to her way of thought.  This is really tough for liberals to […]


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