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The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 2: The Most Dangerous Man In America You Never Heard Of – Steve Phillips

“Steve Phillips is currently one of the most powerful Democratic Party operatives in the country and is a highly influential progressive strategist. His political roots are Marxist-Leninist and he has never wavered in his commitment to a socialist America.” – Trevor Loudon

A maelstrom engulfed the tiny backwater of Stanford University student politics on May 23, 1990. After months of investigation, The Stanford Daily Senior Staff Writer Michael Friedly was ready to blow the lid off Stanford’s most insidious political cult, the League of Revolutionary Struggle (LRS).

The ripples off this expose are still being felt today.

Wrote Friedly:

Over the past three months, The Daily has interviewed dozens of students who have some familiarity with the League. These interviews were part of an investigation of the League which included more than 100 interviews with students, administration officials and nationwide experts. Many students interviewed by The Daily asked not to be identified because they said they are afraid of harassment by League members.

The bombshell article went on to detail the League’s history of highly secretive political manipulation of certain student groups and its wider influence on student politics.

A secretive nationwide organization called the League of Revolutionary Struggle (Marxist-Leninist) has been a little-known factor in student politics at Stanford for several years, a Daily investigation has  found:

Through the selective recruitment of Stanford students into its organization, the League has been able to influence aspects of progressive politics on campus by trying to place its members in leadership positions within the ASSU (Association of Students at Stanford University, the student government) , the communities of color and in staff positions. The total number of Stanford students and staff members who are League members is apparently fewer than 30, but these individuals are in positions that allow them to shape student government policies, according to a number of sources who said they have either been recruited by the League or have worked with League members in the ASSU or student of color organizations.

The presence of the League has been in part responsible for dramatic effects at Stanford, ranging from divisions within the communities of color to the pressured resignation of an administrator to parts of the planning of last spring’s takeover of University President Donald Kennedy’s office.

Friedly exposed the cultish secrecy and hunger for power of the Pro-China, Maoist LRS.

The League, based in the Bay Area but with membership across the country, has been able to recruit Stanford students into its organization in a manner secret enough so that students are not initially told they are being recruited by the League, according to several Stanford students who said they were recruited but did not join the League. Recruitment of individuals by the League is generally conducted over a long period of time, several years in some cases, according to students who were recruited. Students who are successfully recruited by the League are then able to further the League’s goals by running for student offices and helping to determine policies in the ASSU.

In typical Maoist fashion, the LRS focussed heavily on racial politics and agitation. These politics should feel very familiar to any Obama-era survivor.

According to League theory, the United States is composed of various “oppressed nations,” such as the Afro-American nation in the South, the Chicano nation in the Southwest and the Asian American nation. The overall goal of the League has been the liberation of these nationalities under a socialist state, according to a  League publication called “Peace, Justice, Equality and Socialism” that explains its goals.

See the full story here.

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