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The Recycling Scam is Collapsing Across America

I covered this story last year. The New York Times just glommed on to it. And, as usual, gets basic details about China’s policy wrong.

Here’s what I noted last year.

California’s trash is going right back to landfills. 62% of exported materials used to goto China. But no more. California’s Department of Resources Recycling sent a letter cautioning that the “economics of recycling” had become “unfavorable” thus “challenging what recycling means to Californians.”

It also warned recycling facilities that, “public health and safety should be their number one priority”.

In Massachusetts, mountains of trash recycling are piling up and there’s talk that trucks may stop picking it up. In Pennsylvania, a “recycling crisis created by China” was blamed for a refusal to accept paper. In Seattle and Phoenix, recycling is going into landfills. Fees are going up in Portland. In Pasco, recycling was abandoned before its start. In a Kansas City plant, one out of four items is going into a landfill. In Sacramento, where all of California’s recycling rules are made, most recyclables no longer are.

Fort Worth’s recycling brought in nearly a million last year. Now, it’s expected to cost $1.6 million.

But the old gray lady does report the basic reality that recycling was a politically correct scam that’s becoming unaffordable now. And cities are dumping trash in landfills or burning it.

Read the full story from Front Page Mag

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