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The victims of the low bail movement that progressives have created

By pretending to champion as victims people who are accused of serious crimes, progressives are re-victimizing some of their favorite objects of concern.

The Left thinks too many people are in jail and prison. The crime drop that has accompanied what they derisively call “mass incarceration” means nothing to them. Now openly the party of felons – with states like Virginia allowing felons to vote and Bernie Sanders calling for the even the vilest imprisoned people to participate in the selection of our political elders, criminals are now an important constituency for the Dems.

Incarcerating people who are awaiting trial is obviously potentially unjust, given that some of them will be found not guilty. The sole legitimate reason to keeping people who have not been convicted behind bars is the fear of flight from the jurisdiction where justice awaits. And that’s why the system of bail (and bail bondsmen) exists.

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