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This Giant Stalinist Mural of Greta Thunberg is Helping Destroy the Planet

Normal people want to survive. Environmentalists seem to want to kill all of us.

They keep shrieking that every breath we take is polluting the air with carbon. Meanwhile they jet around the world to celebrate the heroic activism of eco-brat Greta Thunberg who will keep on skipping school until the planet is saved. (If only I’d thought of that one in high school.)

And, since the Left has no new ideas, it’s building a giant creepy Stalinist mural of her, which makes her look even creepier than usual. A true artistic accomplishment.

And who better to watch over the fecal-ridden hellhole of San Fran than Greta.

Fortunately none of the paint or vehicles delivering it and the associated activities emit any carbon. They’re all zero carbon because the eco-priest waved a bundle of impossible meat and lavender fronds over it and proclaimed in a deep voice, “You are carbon neutral.)

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