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Trump had an intelligent goal when he tweeted about delaying the election

Leftists were all atwitter about a tweet Trump sent out early on Thursday.  In it, after attacking voting by mail, he suggested that it might be a good idea to delay the election until people can vote in person.  Leftists, predictably, were outraged and poured out pixels explaining why this wasn’t possible.  They probably still don’t realize that they were being played and that they just made Trump’s case for him about getting voters into booths on November 3.

One of the things reflexively oppositional people don’t realize is that they’re incredibly easy to manipulate.  Someone who invariably says “no” is just as much a puppet as the easily controlled person who always says “yes.”  If you say “not X” every time I say “X,” if I want you to fall in line, I just start by saying “not X.”  This is a principle as old as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck telling Elmer Fudd which of them he should shoot:

With that principle in mind, let’s talk about what Donald Trump did.  The starting point is that Democrats are worried that they can’t win.

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