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Washington Post Smears Front Page to Cover Up Facts About Khashoggi

And we are talking about facts here.

1. Jamal Khashoggi is a Muslim Brotherhood figure.

2. His Afghanistan “journalism” was Jihadi propaganda. 

3. He remained a supporter of Islamic terrorism


4. He was an old friend of Osama bin Laden and mourned his death

These are all facts. The media huffs and puffs, but all it has in response is innuendo and arm waving. The Washington Post gave Jamal Khashoggi a forum to promote the Muslim Brotherhood and its agenda, Its response to the facts about Jamal Khashoggi would make the North Koreans wince at the lack of subtlety.

Hard-line Republicans and conservative commentators are mounting a dark whisper campaign against Jamal Khashoggi


Subtle innuendo.

And it’s not a whisper campaign. They’re statements of fact, said out loud. It’s the Washington Post that is trying to run a dark whisper campaign.

“In recent days, a cadre of conservative House Republicans allied with Trump has been privately exchanging articles from right-wing outlets that fuel suspicion of Khashoggi, highlighting his association with the Muslim Brotherhood during his youth…”

The articles, including mine, are public. And Khashoggi’s association with the Brotherhood is ongoing.

and raising conspiratorial questions about his work decades ago as an embedded reporter covering Osama bin Laden,

He was recruited by a Jihadi financier and he didn’t report, he produced Jihadi propaganda, As Patrick Poole showed,

“While Khashoggi was once sympathetic to Islamist movements, he moved toward a more liberal, secular point of view, according to expertson the Middle East who have tracked his career.

His own WaPo work promoted the Muslim Brotherhood, The  Post is lying about the contents of its own paper. It does this by attributing the lie to “experts”.

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