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The Left’s Push Against President Trump, Election Day to Now – Chuck and Mark – Episode 352

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark walk through the Democrats’ attacks on President Trump since the election in 2016. Mark puts together a timeline of events meant to hinder President Trump, and they expand on each event. They discuss the possible future issues that could arise and the threat of the left’s agenda if they were ever to gain control.

From Kathy Griffin to the Obama Administration’s weaponization of the DOJ, Chuck and Mark discuss how the attacks on President Trump make his accomplishments even more impressive. They touch on the things that the President has been able to accomplish, which have not been managed by any other president in decades.

They finish up by talking about the Democratic party’s 2018 midterm election platform and their radical shift left. This leads to a discussion on Nancy Pelosi’s recent speech and her lack of understanding of the American people.

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