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The Uneducated Impeachment – An Interview with Nicholas Giordano – Episode 474

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark welcome back Nicholas Giordano to the show. Nicholas is a Professor of Political Science at Suffolk Community College and host of The PAS Report Podcast.

Chuck and Mark kick off the show by asking Nicholas for his thoughts on the decline of quality of students when they reach the college level. Nicholas explains the decline in education levels that he has observed over the past 15 years. They discuss what the factors are causing this decline and how it can be fixed.

They continue by talking about the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry and why it is happening solely for political reasons. Chuck and Mark get Nicholas’s opinion on the whole situation and why he believes that President Trump wants the impeachment to go to a vote.


More about Nicholas Giordano:

Nicholas Giordano is a Professor of Political Science at Suffolk Community College and host of The PAS Report Podcast. Recognized and well-respected for his analysis, Professor Giordano appears on radio and television to provide analysis on current issues and trends within government, politics, international relations, homeland security/emergency management, and social/cultural related issues. In addition, he is regularly called on to speak at events to provide expertise on critical issues facing the United States.

It is Professor Giordano’s passion that led him to start The PAS Report. Sick of an advocacy news media that wants to dictate to people how to think, Professor Giordano started The PAS Report because of his unique ability to breakdown complex political issues and explaining those issues in a way to appeal to everyday Americans. By introducing facts, the listeners can come to their own conclusions.

Connect with Nicholas Giordano:


Twitter: @pasreport


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