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What to Expect After the Kavanaugh Hearings – Episode 366

Chuck and Mark have a lot to discuss on this episode of Blunt Force Truth. They start with discussing the allegations against Kavanaugh and Dianne Feinstein’s attempt to politically smear the Judge. They discuss the Democrat’s using these tactics to stay in power and Republicans allowing Democrats to push them around in these situations.

This leads into the Democrat’s desperation to hold onto power and the political shift that occurred with President Trump. Mark explains the current swing in the political landscape and how it is part of a political trend that our national has followed throughout history. Chuck takes Mark’s explanation to bring up some possibilities for the upcoming midterm elections.

To wrap up the show, Chuck and Mark discuss the political and social changes that the left wants. They discuss Chicago’s universal income, the decline in masculinity, abortions on demand, and the diminishing role of men in households. They compare these to some of the promises from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other leaders from the socialist left.

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