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Why Isn’t Trump Uniting America? – Episode 384

Chuck and Mark kick off today’s show by acknowledging the Bush family for taking the politics out of the former President’s funeral. They discuss the differences between the funerals for Senator McCain and President George H.W. Bush, as well as the liberal media’s reaction.

The guys move into the left’s hatred towards President Trump and conservatives. They continue to discuss the left’s belief that President Trump is responsible for uniting the nation and how the left is working to divide the nation.

Chuck explains how today’s toxic environment has been created by President Trump’s winning in 2016. They discuss how President Trump has brought the Democratic party together, while Republicans continue to stay divided and fold to the Democrats.

Also, as the Mueller investigation continues to waste tax dollars, Chuck and Mark discuss the left ignoring the Constitutional rights of those accused. Chuck explains the importance of being innocent until properly proven guilty.

They also discuss the left’s obsession over President Trump refusing to release his tax returns. Mark explains why the President shouldn’t release his tax returns and that they are so complicated, most people would not understand them.

Chuck and Mark finish up today’s show by discussing our friend Laura Loomer’s permanent ban from Twitter for telling the truth about Islam and exposing the left. They explain the path we are going down as the left eliminates free speech. They add how our founding fathers fought for the rights that the left is taking away.

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