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Will Anything Survive Cancel Culture? – Episode 607

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk about Cancel Culture has come to Texas

Today’s show rundown:

  • The eyes of Texas are upon you – 600 page report studying the Eyes of Texas are upon you and that it is NOT racist. Trying to shut it down for theme song for University of Texas
  • Why are people so reflexed on cancel culture, Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester the Cat.
  • Mark brings up Blazing Saddles and how that movie could not be made any more
  • Gavin Newsome being recalled in California 1 million 500 sigs – Signature verification is being called for
  • Florida is Free, Texas is freeing up, the whole service industry @ the Texas capitol up in arms for vaccination as they are serving people – Chuck is sick of the constant complaining
  • Democrats pass legislation based on feelings not facts / law / responsibility
  • Biden has been out of the public eye for over 40 days, and he cant get his speaking correct, even if reading a teleprompter – He is totally lost – mainstream media is doing everything they can to cover for him
  • Literal meaning of Islam is to Submit – Democratic party is wanting people to submit to them
  • Biden’s dissertation is word salad – its horrible – how did she get a degree with this garbage. University of Deleware – its where they live
  • Vice President Harris has had 6 meetings with world leaders with Joe NOT BEING THERE
  • Mark & Chuck – believe Joe Biden will just quit, no 25th amendment – he is old and tired – there will come a point that it is so embarrassing that the Democrats will have to do something – and then we will get Kaamala Harris as Pres.

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