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Conservative Thoughts from a Legal Immigrant – a Conversation with Cirsten Weldon – Episode 311

Cirsten Weldon is a legal immigrant, author and interior designer who was born in Singapore and now lives in the United States. On the podcast, she discusses some details about how well she believes Singapore’s republican government runs, with low income tax and virtually no crime. She once lived in the liberal states of Hawaii and California, and she talks about how far downhill California has gone because of its leadership and sanctuary state status. They also talk about the DACA problem from the perspective of a legal immigrant.

They discuss the new official Obama portraits and the other subversive works of Kehinde Wiley.

Also on the podcast, Chuck and Mark talk about the Parkland shooting and the investigation into the lead-up to it. They also consider the double standard of how law enforcement has to treat people of different races and immigration statuses, for fear of getting in trouble.

They also talk about the hypocrisy of the left regarding nepotism, in business versus politics.

About the guest:

Cirsten Weldon was inspired by her experiences as a model and actress, as well as by her personal faith and political worldview, to write her story in Singaporean Thoughts. It includes her thoughts on decor, politics, religion, and dating. She lived a very interesting and, to some, coveted, childhood. Her father was the Chairman of the Singapore Stock Exchange, and her mother a Cambridge-educated attorney. At 14, she left her very affluent family in Singapore to go to boarding school, a tough decision for a young girl, but one she has never regretted. As she says in Singaporean Thoughts, it gave her a strong foundation of hard work that has continued to serve her through adulthood.

As a child growing up in Singapore, Cirsten never dreamed she would grow up to become an international model, cover girl, and actress. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at the young age of 18 from Loma Linda University, which allowed her to go on to live in numerous exciting places including California, Hawaii, New York, Europe, Singapore, and Japan. From her Singaporean heritage, she was always naturally a conservative capitalist.

Her father was the Chairman of the Singapore Stock Exchange, as well as Chairman of a hotel chain. Her mother, who graduated from Cambridge in London, worked in real estate. Cirsten found great career success when she appeared in the film about the musical group, The Doors. However, this led to a lifestyle of constant partying, ultimately resulting in drug overdose in the ‘90s, which prompted her to leave Los Angeles and get back to her roots as a Second Generation Seventh Day Adventist.

Once she reclaimed her relationship with God, she was led to her passion of interior design, and starred in two design television shows. Currently, Cirsten has residences in Tennessee and Florida and is enjoying expanding her passions into writing.

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