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Evan McMullin Being Funded by Anti-American Persian Billionaire

How dishonestly messed up is our public life?

Evan McMullin, the “Republican” pretending to be a patriotic opponent of Trump, is being funded by the same Persian billionaire who’s backing The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald and the Iran Firsters.

McMullin’s recently founded non-profit organization, Stand Up Republic, jumped into the Alabama Senate race this week with a $500,000 ad buy against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. One of the ads features a man saying Roy Moore “makes Republicans and us Christians look bad.”

The massive ad buy “may end up being one of the largest third-party interventions in the state,” according to the Washington Post.

One of McMullin’s large Silicon Valley donors is billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who funded an anti-Trump super PAC during the presidential campaign.

Omidyar announced a $250,000 donation to Stand Up Republic in May through his organization, Democracy Fund. (Democracy Fund publicizes all its grants in the interest of transparency.)

Pierre Omidyar is a Franco-Persian billionaire who is far more famous for backing The Intercept. That’s an anti-American site that specializes in Iranian-Qatari propaganda and undermining our national security. Top members include Glenn Greenwald, a Hamas terrorist supporter. 

McMullin has been playing the Russia card quite a bit. His sugar daddy is behind the site that pushed Edward Snowden’s espionage materials on behalf of the Russians.

The only product of First Look Media thus far is The Intercept, an online publication whose three founding editors are Jeremy Scahill, Laura Poitras, and Glenn Greenwald. The latter two are both individuals to whom Edward Snowden entrusted the top-secret documents he purloined from the National Security Agency and other U.S. intelligence bodies before he took refuge in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

It’s not just that McMullin is an unprincipled phony who has figured out how to profit from dividing the country further. It’s the sheer hypocrisy of the entire “Russia Threat” contingent who have no problem taking money from the guy behind a site that remains extremely helpful to Russia. They play the “National Security” card while being in bed with Snowden Inc.

A month after the 2016 election, McMullin declared that “Donald Trump is not a loyal American and we should prepare for the next four years accordingly.”

He has maintained that line of attack on the president, and just last week claimed Trump “remains loyal” to Russia.

McMullin is a phony. it might be helpful to start discussing whom he’s loyal to. If worst comes to worst, he can always join Snowden in Moscow.

(First reported by Daniel Greenfield and published by Front Page Mag)   (December 12, 2017) 

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