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Gun control shakes a lot of leftist hypocrisy out of the woodwork

Leonard Pitts, Jr. is a Miami Herald columnist who writes a lot of left-wing nonsense.  In his latest column, he’s managed to outdo himself.

His latest opinion piece, here, says one death is too many when it involves guns, so I have some easy questions for him.

Is one death too many when a person is killed by an illegal alien?  Why aren’t these murders covered much by the media?  Is it because they just don’t fit the agenda?  Why is it that when someone dies because of a gun, Pitts and other journalists say we need more strict gun laws on everyone?  But when illegal aliens cause deaths and commit other crimes, they don’t say we need more strict immigration laws?

Gang members illegally cross borders and commit many crimes, including rape and murder, yet somehow Pitts and others don’t want to tighten up the border to make citizens safer.  Why?

Opioids kill around 42,000 Americans each year, and a significant amount of these drugs comes across the border illegally, but when Trump wants to tighten up the border, writers like Pitts and other Democrats fight him endlessly.  Don’t they care about those deaths?

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