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“I Want to Punch the Next Asian”: California Dem on Affirmative Action

The great multicultural utopia is a hoax.

It’s based around divisive politics, but internally it’s just as divided. Different ethnic and racial groups want different things. Some want racially privileged college admissions. Others, especially Asians, benefit from merit-based admissions. This is an ongoing fault line that continues deepening every year. And the anger over it has been simmering on both sides.

There are people who want freebies. And people who want to work for it. And the former really hate the latter.

Sources familiar with the incident say Garcia’s anti-Asian remarks came during a legislative battle that arose when Asian-American community activists successfully lobbied to defeat a Democratic proposal to overturn California’s ban on affirmative action in college admissions. They argued that such a move could hurt Asian student admission rates.

Perez in mid-March 2014 announced a move to return the bill to the Senate without any action from the Assembly, effectively blocking its advance.

Garcia, the sources said, erupted in anger during a tense meeting of the entire Assembly Democratic caucus.

“This makes me feel like I want to punch the next Asian person I see in the face,” according to sources present at the meeting and other legislative sources who were told about the comments in the immediate aftermath.

The stench hypocrisy is much worse than you think.

None of this was a real problem until Garcia embraced the #MeToo movement and used it as a cudgel against fellow Latino Dems. At which point they began finding a whole lot of allegations about her. (This has been the usual pattern in Dem circles.) Now all the scandals are being dug up and the skeletons are rolling out of the closet.

But battles over privilege quickly turn ugly.

Garcia wanted to protect racially privileged college admissions. And she was angry enough about racial entitlements to threaten racial violence. (Yes, the multicultural coalitions are actually very racist,) And her fellow Dems want to protect their own abuses of women. And they’re destroying her to do it.

They’ve all got privilege to burn.

Isn’t their progressive utopia glorious?



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