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ISIS’s “Ramadan War” Strikes Again

Saturday night brought the latest tragedy when a van crashed into pedestrians, which ended with seven deaths and dozens of injuries. The attack took place on the London Bridge and the crash was followed by three attackers going on a stabbing rampage, which ended with over 50 shots being fired by police.

The three attackers were shot and killed by police but an American was also wounded by a gunshot that came from a police officer. The American is expected to survive from his bullet wound. The U.S. Embassy has not released any information on the wounded American. The American was the only bystander injured but police but there were 48 people injured from the van crash and the knife attacks carried out by the three attackers.

The attackers were wearing what looked to be wearing bomb vest and seemed were stabbing people at random. The vests were fake and not rigged to blow up but the vests still added another level of terror. The attackers did run into resistance when pedestrians started to fight back. People in the area had started throwing beer glasses, chairs, and anything else they could find at the attacker. Sadly, this did cause one of the attacker to go after a woman, which ended with her having multiple stab wounds.

This will not be the last radical Islamic inspired attack that we will see, which has been fueled by the ISIS call for increased attacks during Ramadan. This recent attack has sparked an increase of counter terrorism measures in Europe but it has taken multiple attacks in the recent weeks to do so. The true aftermath is still being resolved, but there have been seven deaths and 21 in critical condition that have been reported. The continuous attacks on innocent civilians need to be stopped. A solution to prevent these attacks is needed before we see another attack.

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Source:   (June, 5, 2017)


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