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Keith Ellison Suggests Justice Neil Gorsuch Was Bribed On Travel Ban

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) had the unmitigated gall to suggest this morning that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch had been bribed to vote in support of President Trump’s travel ban, which stops unvetted refugees from countries that are hotbeds of terrorism from coming into the U.S. The Supreme Court handed down a 5-4 decision upholding President Trump’s “travel ban” as constitutional. Ellison stated that Gorsuch had “done what his paymasters sent him there to do,” Ellison told CNN. He was furious, calling the decision discriminatory and racist as usual.

“Today’s decision undermines the core value of religious tolerance on which America was founded,” Ellison said in his statement. “I am deeply disappointed that this ruling gives legitimacy to discrimination and Islamophobia.” “Our country has gone through some ugly days. The Supreme Court in the 1850s said that it was OK to own a black person, that was the Dred Scott decision. That decision hit the dust bin of history … and this one will too,” Ellison told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on “At This Hour.” “Discrimination and racism and hatred and religious bigotry is never going to be winning in the end,” Ellison said.

Currently, Ellison is the deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee. He has announced he is leaving Congress to run for the attorney general spot in Minnesota. It can’t be soon enough in my book. This guy is incredibly deranged and dangerous. He’s a committed Islamist and communist. Earlier, he compared the decision in Trump v. Hawaii to the Supreme Court’s infamous Dred Scott decision, which upheld slavery in the pre-Civil War era, which is just patently ridiculous. There is so much stupidity and violence floating around these days it makes my head spin.

Ellison went on to expand on his criticism in a telephone interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan, comparing the decision to Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), which upheld racial segregation, as well as Korematsu v. United States (1844), which upheld the internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II. This guy is just unhinged – Trump’s travel ban and the Japanese internment camps have absolutely nothing in common and he knows it.

“The Supreme Court has said that no matter how bad the discriminatory language is, before, during and after President Trump’s run and his service, as long as he puts a very thin veneer of national security on top of all that discrimination and racism, they will buy it,” Ellison said. “As long as a pig has some lipstick on it, it’s fine, and that is what they have said.”

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