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Minnesota College Creates Group To Promote Acceptance…There’s Just One Problem

The University of Minnesota (UMN) has created a program called “Tongues United” which aims to “connect students, staff, faculty, and the Twin Cities community by holding discussion groups that focus on how race, sexuality, and gender impact our lived experiences.” There’s just one problem: students who are white and/or identify as straight aren’t welcome.

On the group’s website, it explicitly states that the program is for LGBTQIA or “Same-Gender-Loving” students of color only.

For our allies: we do appreciate your voices and commitment to dismantling racism and homophobia; however, please note that this is a space created for LGBTQIA and/or same-gender-loving people of color.

Tongues Untied reiterates this on its Facebook page, writing:

Tongues Untied (TU) is a space that was created by and for indigenous people and people of color who identify as queer and/or trans. If you identify as a queer and/or trans indigenous person or person of color, we welcome you to take part in our discussions.

It adds, “College can be a difficult period for many–why not make it easier by helping students relate to one another?”

However, how can students relate to one another if you’re excluding more than half of the campus’ population from the conversation? How can you combat racism and homophobia if you’re only discussing it with those those who experience it?

If you scroll through TU’s Facebook page, you’ll find links to articles with titles such as “5 Messages I Really Needed (But Never Got) as a Queer Teenager” or “7 Ways to Support a Friend Who Recently Came Out As Asexual.” But again, how can you make LGBTQ students and students of color feel more accepted if you’re not sharing these lessons with those who identify as straight and/or are white. I doubt someone who identifies as asexual needs tips on how to comfort their now openly asexual friend.

Tongues United proves, once again, that there is this “hierarchy of victimhood” on the Left. It’s not about inclusivity or acceptance, or combating the many “isms” in the world; it’s about excluding and shaming those who you assume have it better than you. It’s the height of hypocrisy. 

(First reported by Townhall News)   (August 1, 2017)

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