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There Is No Two State Solution

There are no unicorns. There’s no Santa Claus. And there’s no Two State Solution.

The sooner we get that through our heads, the more likely we are to make good decisions, instead of really bad ones. Ronald Lauder, the head of the WJC, unfortunately decided to demonstrate a really bad one with a New York Times op-ed, “Israel’s Self-Inflicted Wounds”.

“Israel’s Self-Inflicted Wounds,” reads like it was written by a Peace Now member. Or a member of Obama Inc.

The first threat is the possible demise of the two-state solution. I am conservative and a Republican, and I have supported the Likud party since the 1980s. But the reality is that 13 million people live between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. And almost half of them are Palestinian.

If current trends continue, Israel will face a stark choice: Grant Palestinians full rights and cease being a Jewish state or rescind their rights and cease being a democracy.

To avoid these unacceptable outcomes, the only path forward is the two-state solution.

Okay then. How is this unicorn of a solution supposed to work?

Israeli leaders from across the spectrum have tried and failed to make it work. The PLO has repeatedly sabotaged and walked away from negotiations. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama couldn’t sell Arafat and Abbas on their peace plans.

But… but… the two-state solution is the only path forward. The. Only. Path.

And since it’s “the only path forward”, it must be Israel’s fault that it hasn’t been achieved. Even though the PLO and Hamas already have two states and can’t get along with each other.

…senior Palestinian leaders are, they have personally told me, ready to begin direct negotiations immediately…

I hope they can throw in a fake Rolex and the Brooklyn Bridge.


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