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Nobody Believes All Women

After Christine Blasey Ford’s confused testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Bumble took out full page ads in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal in its trademark black, white and yellow, “Believe Women”.

Probably not a good idea with a dating app accused by some users of fooling them with fake profiles.

Nobody believes all women. The Democrats certainly don’t. Just ask the two women who accused Keith Ellison, the DNC’s number two, of domestic abuse. A Minnesota poll showed that 42% of Republicans believed Ellison’s latest accuser, while only 5% of Democrats did. 71% of Minnesota Democrats didn’t think Al Franken should resign even when the line of accusers stretched out the door and then some.

Democrats are more likely to believe female accusers in the abstract, not when they have political skin in the game. That’s why fewer Democrats were willing to believe the allegations against Al Franken than against Bill Clinton, even though there were far more Franken witnesses and even a photo. Bill Clinton was yesterday’s news, while Franken, like Ellison, was a current progressive champion.

The willingness of more Democrats to believe Bill Clinton’s accusers isn’t evolution, it’s hypocrisy.

Democrats covered for Bill Clinton as long as the Clintons were a viable political dynasty. Only when Hillary went down in flames, and Bill Clinton seemed to spend most of his time playing with balloons, was it safe to start believing the same women they had been ridiculing and demeaning all these years.

And maybe when Keith Ellison retires to practice corporate law or plant bombs in synagogues, the Democrats will finally come around to believing the women who have accused him of abusing them.

Local Democrats are also less likely to believe the women accusing their own politicians than national Democrats are. The left supports #BelieveAllWomen in the abstract, but not when it hits home.

Lena Dunham will join various celebs protesting Brett Kavanaugh.

In August of last year, Dunham insisted that women never lie about rape. A few months later, when one of her male friends was accused of sexual assault, she decided that maybe they did. “While our first instinct is to listen to every woman’s story,” a statement co-written by Dunham read, “sadly this accusation is one of the 3 percent of assault cases that are misreported every year.”

Believe all women… except the 3 percent who accuse our friends.

Dunham was forced to modify her memoir after a lawsuit threat by a mustachioed Republican whom the book appeared to accuse of raping her. So that 3 percent might even include Lena Dunham.

But now Dunham is back insisting that senators have a “moral imperative to believe and protect survivors” by voting down Kavanaugh. That’s a moral imperative that Dunham doesn’t live by.

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