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Security Clearances Are Not a Constitutional Right

The left claims to love free speech. Except when it hates it.

It also doesn’t seem to have a very good handle on what “speech” is.

At the Washington Post, Catherine Rampell calls on “free speech conservatives” to defend Brennan’s constitutional right to security clearances. “The First Amendment is under direct attack, and this time from a much more powerful foe than misguided college freshmen. By whom I mean: the ostensible leader of the free world,” she writes.

Colleges shutting down speech for students and faculty is a grave threat. People being sanctioned for minor offenses, from wearing a sombrero to being members of a sorority, professors having their classes shut down, students facing violence and bomb threats, are major issues.

Trump pulling Brennan’s security clearance isn’t. Nor is it a constitutional issue. There’s no entitlement to a security clearance.

And, whistleblowers like Philip Haney lost their security clearance with no whisper of dissent from the left.

Furthermore, Trump isn’t pulling the security clearances of critics. He’s pulling the security clearances of former intel bosses who appear to have abused the powers of their office. It’s something that the left would be defending under other circumstances. For the left to even have a first case, Trump would have to pull the security clearances of critics not involved in Russiagate.

“Trump’s most recent salvo involves former CIA director John Brennan. During his long career in intelligence, Brennan briefed Republican and Democratic presidents alike. Which makes his fierce criticism of Trump, and his characterization of Trump’s Helsinki performance as “treasonous,” all the more biting.”

Brennan had voted for a Communist candidate. He’s a political lefty. Rampell’s pretense that he’s political neutral is Example #1 of why nobody except the extremely gullible and stupid trusts the media.

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