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Tax Reform Takes On The Liberal Media, Fake Republicans, and Crying Democrats

President Trump has fulfilled more campaign promises than the total number electoral votes Hillary received last election (Just a joke). The latest part of President Trump’s agenda, the tax reform bill, is currently in the senate and waiting for Republicans to do what we sent them there to do.

The tax reform bill is a key piece to Trump’s agenda, but failing to pass the bill could lead to more Democrat victories during next years election. Republicans hold the majority in the house and senate, but that didn’t help to pass the heath care bill over the summer.

The tax reform bill has made it this far but will likely be put to the test very soon. The anti-Trump Republicans and the crying Democrats will test the bill every way possible. Expect Bernie Sanders to make a false and outrageous statement at some point, just as he did about the health care bill.

But that isn’t the only card that will test the bill. Its only time before the liberal media begins their desperation attacks on the tax reform bill. Yes, they have bashed it plenty already but when they realize the bill could pass, their desperate attacks will show. They will not hold back any of their fairytale lies.

Don’t be surprised if they throw in a curveball to take the countries attention away from the bill. This has been their tactic to slow any move made by Republicans, and specifically trump. Let’s hope that the Republicans in the senate wake up, and do what voters sent them there to do.

Not only is this a key point of Trump’s presidency but it is key for the American people. If lawmakers can use tax dollars for their sexual misconduct settlements, there is room to cut taxes.

(First reported by The Blunt Force Truth News Team) 

(November 28, 2017)

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