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The left is resorting to Orwellian language to defend court-packing

On Saturday, Joe Biden said voters do not deserve to know whether he intends to pack the Supreme Court, a step that will create a permanent Democrat majority to act as a rubber stamp on all Democrat laws, regulations, and police actions, no matter how extreme.  On Sunday, the Associated Press, aided by Montana’s governor, stated in Orwellian fashion that packing the court is “de-politicizing,” rather than politicizing it.  There are no words for how foul and dangerous this is.

For over two centuries, the rules in America regarding the Supreme Court have been simple: when there is a vacancy on the Court, the sitting president and Senate work together to place a new justice on the Court.

This used to be a routine process: was the candidate intelligent, even brilliant?  Was he experienced in federal law?  Was he respected, even revered?  Did he understand his responsibilities as a judge?  If the answers to these questions were “yes,” that was pretty much that.  Justices might lean a little more left or right, but the fights were limited.

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